Startup Program has helped almost 300 startups during the years and some of those startups have become real success stories. Make no mistake, we’re very proud of all of our startups, and New Factory Open is a great opportunity to bring those inspiring stories to the spotlight.

Among the success stories we can find, for example, Framery, that is creating phone booths and meeting pods for smart offices. Their mission is to eliminate open office problems like noise and sound privacy issues with their innovative products. Framery’s idea was born back in 2010 when the founders were still in their previous job. They were constantly distracted by their boss’ loud phone calls which made it very hard to concentrate on demanding tasks. When they complained about the issue their boss simply stated “Well get me a phone booth”, and a few years later, they did. Framery was a part of Startup Program (then known as Protomo) in 2010.

Another well-known success story also born at New Factory is Yousician, a music teacher app that helps you to learn the secret of how to play guitar, bass, piano or ukulele in no time. Yousician analyses the users’ playing on their real musical instruments and provides instant feedback. The app has become increasingly popular among amateurs as well as professionals. The app is now available for several platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. Yousician was a part of Startup Program (then Protomo) in 2010.

The last, but definitely not the least, example which we would like to bring up is Kopla Games, an adventurous mobile games studio. The company was a part of Startup Program in 2015. During the years, company has created many popular action role-playing games such as Nonstop Knight. The company announced acquisition with mobile gaming publisher Flaregames last year. Nowadays Kopla Games and Flaregames are aiming to create a new mobile game phenomenon.

Meet some of our startups on NFO17 stage or/and in the Showroom on May 23rd! Stay tuned for more startup stories, or… become one!