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Innovation Experience of the Year

We are happy to announce that our biggest in-house event, New Factory Open, will be traditionally held in May this year.

It’s going to be once again the Innovation Experience of the Year. Non-toxic, BS-free, animal-friendly, real-life experience on what’s happening and a sneak peek into the future. The main theme is startups meet re-starts. Established companies looking for growth can learn a lot from startups – and vice versa.

Together with our Platinum partner Danske Bank we’ll also build a whole-day GROWTH 2016 program where investors meet entrepreneurs and you will hear keynotes, discussions and meet New Factory startups and Demola talents. Join us to learn about creating the culture of growth, feel the glory and pain of innovation work, test demos and products, touch and see the concrete doings of the community.

See you on May 26!