FIWARE Matchmaking event will happen as a part of morning program of New Factory Open 2016. The objective of the Matchmaking Event is to connect FIWARE startups involved e.g. IoT, data analytics, robotics, and creative industries with potential business partners and customers from Finland. 8 startups participating in matchmaking program are now confirmed!


CyberLightning Ltd. is a global leader, providing an intelligent end2end Internet of Everything (IoE) Application Platform for operational and business use in the Smart City context. CyberLightning makes software, called CyberVille®, that can create 3D visualization of IoT data making it easier to analyze big data captured by sensor networks.

Lume Games

Lume Games develops free to play mobile Real-World Aware games. It means that the games always have a link to some real world information e.g. location, weather, lightness and many other things change all the time even if the player doesn’t change his/her daily routines.


Versoteq’s tailored solutions enable scalability and global opportunities for your rolex replica watches business in 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Versoteq has developed software solutions and services to reduce the manual work related to 3D printing and thus enabling new business opportunities.


We offer people an easy way to find exciting events and things to do around the world.

Brandsome online service collects statistical data from the different social media channels of a of a brand and compiles it into clear and easily understandable data and statistics.

Smart Data Hub

Our Data Store offers instant access to huge selection of high-quality, standardized open and public data sets as well as AI-enriched aggregates of those.

Top Data Science

Similar Image search and tagging engine targeted for cultural organizations. It is a time and money saving image search tool for cultural organizations with large image sets.

Breeze (Germany)

Breeze offers cloud-based and data-driven environmental sensor networks. They generate actionable insights about buildings, rolex replica watches cities and communities. Together with partners they provide improving human health and productivity.