Demola Tampere journey has began in 2008. Throughout the years, processes have been refined and Demola as a concept has become an indispensable tool for innovation activities of the region. Demola grew, Demola scaled, and here we are – this spring Demola Tampere is breaking the 500-project barrier! It’s a number to celebrate, isn’t it?!

Since its foundation, Demola Tampere has carried through over 500 projects with 350 companies and almost 1000 students. The diversity of those aforementioned projects is fascinating! We created educational games, we tackled challenges of municipalities, we designed an electric car, we exploited robotics, gamification, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, Kinect and Blockchain technologies, we built wearables and hardwares, we modelled wooden furniture, we fought cancer and, rolex replica watches overall, we helped companies to be step ahead with various social and high-tech innovations. It’s 500 challenges, 500 stories, 500 innovations born within the past 9 years. And there is more to come!

Check out Demola Tampere projects, and join us in the big Demola500 celebration at New Factory Open 2017! #nfo17