New Factory Open 2017

Katriina Kaikkonen

Event manager, Sponsorships, Media
+358 40 164 8380
katriina.kaikkonen [a]

Event Content & Marketing

Yuliya Nesterenko

Digital marketing, Facilitator
+358 45 615 7003
yuliya.nesterenko [a]

New Factory

Jukka Matikainen

Head of New Factory
+358 40 533 6379
jukka.matikainen [a]

The whole New Factory team is behind this event. Need to contact someone else? Find the crew.


New Factory Open 2017 will take place on the 1st floor of Finlayson Old Factory – Vooninki Space. It is downstairs from New factory premises (you cannot get lost !). Some activities might also take place at New Factory space on the 4th floor. Stay tuned for more updates!